See what InvoiceLab.io can do for you


The user-friendly interface of the Invoices section gives you the opportunity to create unlimited number of online Invoices. Sort out everything in one place. Use the clean layout of the Invoice section to prepare your Invoices immediately.
Choose the client that needs an Invoice, add the detailed description for the work you have performed, pick your tax (is it a corporate or sales tax) and complete your Invoice.
With the possibility to include your brand identity and logo, you will show your clients professional and organizational approach. And your cash flow can improve.
If needed, you can always export your Invoices to PDF for later use.


Keep a list of your clients sorted in one place. Check the user-friendly interface and create account profiles fast and easy.
When you create your clients’ profiles, set default currency and language that will reflect on the Invoices aimed for the particular client.
When you open a client account, in the box on the right you can always check to be sure how many Invoices you have billed your client(s).
If you need to find a coworker or a company in the list of clients, you can use the search box for browsing by name.


Prepare quotations for your clients and convert them to invoices. Let your client view your quotation before you convert it to official Invoice. Use the possibility for unlimited estimates.
While working on the estimates, you will have the possibility to check the box for sending expiration reminder if your client does not respond on time about your quotation.
After the quotation is finished, there is an opportunity for editing the information before sending it. When the quotation is checked to be correct, you can use the possibilities to print your estimate, to generate it to PDF format, to duplicate it or to directly covert it to Invoice.

Financial Reports

Run reports to gain insight on your profit and loss statements, invoices, expenses and your tax summary.
With the profit & loss report, you can always view the gross income and the expenses in total to gain the net profit. This can be selected with the range filter by months, years or since the very beginning when you started using Invoicelab.io. You can also see in details your net and gross income as well as your expenses.
The Invoices report gives you a summary on the total amount invoiced plus the amount paid. You can see in details every invoice issued and check the status if that invoice is paid, partially paid, saved in drafts or has pending status. At the end, you can generate a PDF format of your report or print it.
The expenses report clearly shows you summary of all your expenses for the period chosen in the range filter by category, vendor and client.

Online Payments

You can get paid instantly from anywhere. Improve your cash flow. It is safe and secure and you can enjoy the simple payment experience.
The interface allows you to track the Invoices that have been sent or paid, and which ones are due for payment.
If you need to bill your client in foreign currency, that won’t be a problem. You can check the currency in the Clients account and then prepare the Invoice with the same currency.
With the online payment possibility, the Invoice can be paid in one of the many foreign currencies that we support.